Lifting 101: Dave Miller on Fixing the Snatch and Clean

Snatch and Clean with Dave Miller

The snatch and clean can be uniquely frustrating lifts.

The combination of speed, patience, explosiveness, technique, mental toughness, strength and agility is one that leaves even the best lifters of all-time constantly searching for improvements. No one is perfect, no lift is perfect, yet that’s what everyone who picks up the barbell is constantly striving for.

Just like in life, small adjustments can have a huge impact. That’s why this story is dedicated to shoring up technique and getting you to PR faster.


Dave Miller, who has more than 30 years of experience in weightlifting as both a competitor and a coach, has pretty much seen it all.

An International-level Coach with USA Weightlifting, Miller is a three-time American Open American Masters gold medalist and a three-time National Masters silver medalist (2009-11). He was also the 2013 Pan American gold medalist (69 kg) and Clean/Jerk record holder.

Miller is currently the Head Coach of Fortius Weightlifting in San Diego, (Calif.) one of the largest weightlifting training centers in America. And he was nice enough to lend some of his time to Athlete Daily to break down the snatch and the clean.

#1 Receiving Position in the Snatch

#2 Receiving Position in the Clean


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#3 Maintaining balance in the Feet in the Clean

#4 The Clean Liftoff


For more information on Fortius Weightlifting clinics, including upcoming clinic dates or to have Miller host a clinic at your gym, visit their website here.