Couple Goals: 6 Powerhouse Pairs in Strength and Fitness

There are some serious benefits to training with your significant other, whether they’re scientific (couples have proven to have a stronger connection) or lifestyle related (someone who GETS why you need all of that protein powder!)

When dates are long hours at the gym and you’re both working on squatting heavy and eating right, your significant other can be one of your biggest allies in helping reach your fitness goals (no matter how much they may get on your nerves at times.)

But whether you’re single or taken we can all appreciate strength, especially in pairs. In honor of Valentine’s Day, here are six ridiculously strong pairs. These dozen athletes give new meaning to the term power couple.


The weightlifting duo have a pair of Olympic performances under their belt (Arthur went in 2016, Vardanian in ’12) and have numerous national championships and American records. They travel around the country giving four-hour seminars to help athletes improve in the snatch and clean and jerk.


Inda is a the top-ranked 52 kg. raw powerlifter, regularly two or three times bodyweight in competition. This badass mother is a world record holder and world champion in her 40s, proving age is nothing but a number.

Smith, the founder of Juggernaut Training Systems, is an impressive strength athlete in his own right. An elite athlete who also earned his pro Strongman card, Smith won two collegiate national championships in the shot put and has helped hundreds of world class athletes through Juggernaut’s various online coaching options and seminars.

Annie Thorisdottir and Frederik Aegidius

Perhaps the most famous female CrossFit athlete ever, Thorisdottir has some impressive longevity in the sport. A two-time Games champion, she placed third last year and has been to the Games eight times.

Aegidius is a three-time Games athlete —he’s qualified for regionals eight times—and former GRID coach.

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Cohen spotting Bowe at their Hybrid Performance Method Gym.

Cohen’s impressive deadlift has put her on the strength map as she very well could be one of the strongest pound-for-pound lifters around. (You can get some tips from the world record holder here.)

The pair are elite powerlifters and national level weightlifters, with an injury to Bowe several years ago resulting in the creation of the Hybrid Performance Method (which he and Cohen co-own.) The pair also run a gym together in Miami and have recently expanded to offer nutrition counseling.


Chivers (formerly Oldroyd) is an elite CrossFit athlete who competed numerous times at the Games. Alcaraz qualified last year out of the ultra-tough California Region but graciously declined because the couple were expecting their first child. The pair run the popular garage-style Street Parking programming.


Powerlifting royalty.

Suzanne is a multi-time national and world powerlifting champion and elite coach. A member of the USA Powerlifting Women’s Hall of Fame, she is the co-owner of Supreme Sports Performance & Training with Matt.

A competitive powerlifter for 22 years, Matt is a USA Powerlifting coach (where he’s currently the chairman) and Senior International Coach.