CrossFit Games Athlete Brent Fikowski: 12 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

Brent Fikowski isn’t afraid to show his personality. The self-dubbed “whitest dark horse” when he broke into the elite CrossFit scene, Fikowski is part of some hilarious #trashtalkThursdays with several friends. The point? Bragging (and Instagram shaming!) rights over the five weeks of the Open.

After finishing fourth in the world at the 2016 CrossFit Games, Fikowski won the Canada West Regional last year en route to a second-place Games finish.

Here, he opens up about life outside of the gym (and still manages to make us laugh)…

The hardest movement for me to learn was… “Re-teaching myself to run. I’ve been running my whole life, so it is likely the most engrained movement pattern I have. Trying to update my running technique has been really difficult. Luckily I have found good coaches who have helped me slowly practice and improve.

My claim to fame outside my CrossFit success is….  “I opened for the 70s rock band Dr Hook when I was 20 years old. My friend and I started a singer/songwriter duo to compete in a battle of the bands competition. Our prize for winning the competition was getting a thirty minute set before the main act.”

My last meal on death row would be “My grandmother’s homemade cabbage rolls. This is a staple at our family dinners during Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. I’ve tried to recreate them on my own but I don’t have the magic touch!”

I strongly dislike when… “People clean their cement driveways with a watering hose.”

My most prized physical possession is… “My vinyl record collection. I have about 500 records all alphabetized and stored in some wooden boxes my father and I made.”

The thing I’d tell my younger self is… “Either say hell yes, or no. If you are asked to do something and you’re not completely sold on the task, then don’t do it. Your time is too valuable to spend on anything you don’t want to do.”

My favorite childhood memory is…“Playing on my grandparent’s farm with my cousins. We would run around on hay bales playing tag in the dark for hours.”

The best piece of advice I ever got was… “Until you surrender the outcome you will always be the greatest enemy to your success.”

If I could only take one album with me to a deserted island… “It would probably be Three by Joel Plaskett.”

My favourite movie… “Growing up was The Goonies, I have watched that movie countless times with my sister, I can quote nearly the entire thing.”

One of my proudest moments was…“In elementary school I had my photo in the official Lego Magazine, I was so happy I carried it with me for weeks.”

I used to be superstitious…. “When I was a competitive swimmer. I had a series of lucky things I would wear or do leading up to big events. Eventually I got rid of all those habits because they were becoming too distracting. Things like having a single cherry PEZ before a race!”


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