Athlete Daily: Our Mission

Our mission is simple: Educate. Empower. Evolve.

We’re all about educating people about being smart about their fitness. Having a solid nutrition plan, working weaknesses, and improving movement. Along the way, we’ll inspire you with some of the fantastic feats from all levels of fitness.

In addition to more in-depth features, Athlete Daily will also have some informative Q&As and blogs on all topics functional fitness. Something/someone you want to hear about? Let us know!

Join us here at Athlete Daily, as we strive to bring you the very best in fitness coverage, backed by the most respected and knowledgeable minds in the world, all with the goal of building more informed athletes.

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The world of functional fitness is exploding. CrossFit™, Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, the National Pro Grid League. More and more people are dedicating time to becoming stronger, faster, or more functional human beings.

Everyone has goals and desires, regardless of what fitness they choose, yet most people don’t know HOW to go about that or WHERE to turn for quality information.

Sifting through the B.S.

Unfortunately, the rise of functional fitness has brought on a tidal wave of misinformation which, at best, leads to a waste of your time. At worst, it sets you up for injury and bad habits. Just because someone is successful in one endeavor–they were a nationally-ranked lifter or qualified for the CrossFit Games once– doesn’t mean they are automatically an expert and can instruct others on how to lift, run, train, or eat with massive success. Just because someone has a lot of Instagram followers, doesn’t mean the advice they dole out is legit.

IT DOESN’T work like that. We want you to stop wasting your time looking down the rabbit hole.

Where Is All the Quality Content?

How many times have you read something like “The Mistake that’s Costing You 10 lbs. On

Your Snatch” ? Did you PR your snatch after reading that? Probably not. If you did, go you. Let us know how long it takes you to PR again.

Wouldn’t a better article have discussed the importance of having a quality Olympic lifting coach to watch your lifts and provide feedback? Or, for those without the luxury, perhaps the author could have consulted an Olympic lifting coach on drills and skills you should put to use before you even dream of loading up the bar to max out the lift?

 Be Smart About Your Fitness

We created Athlete Daily, because we wanted MORE out of functional fitness coverage. More information, more education, more journalistic standards. If these sports continue to grow, how can the media NOT grow with them?

We are tired of seeing more and more people blindly following programs or jumping into competitor tracks under the notion that “this is how I need to train/eat/move if I want to reach my goals.” Are there quality training programs out there? Smart nutrition plans? Sound advice from knowledgeable people- including high-level athletes? ABSOLUTELY.