American Record Holder Quiana Welch: 12 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

Quiana Welch is one strong woman.

She holds the American Record in the snatch (108 kg/238-lb) and she clean and jerks 119 kg ( 262-lb), competing in the 75 kg (165-lb) class. As a former CrossFit and GRID athlete, Welch is fairly new to the sport, having only made the transition to full-time weightlifting just over a year ago. A coach at Black Iron Gym, Welch has sponsors ranging from The Chestee to Trifecta Nutrition, and a personality as big as her lifts. 

Below, Welch opens up about her secret talents, advice to her younger self and the hardest lift for her to learn. She was so good, we HAD to go with 13 things…

One of my weirdest traits is I have A LOT of different voices. “No idea where it came from or what the deal with it is, but I can sound like Linda from Bob’s Burgers one minute and Blue from Blue’s Clues the next!”

The secret talent I have is  I can sing. “I love it but don’t do it very often in front of people. Sometimes I’ll get in a mood and will sing all night and not get any sleep, haha. Every once in a while I’ll do fun music trivia on my InstaSnap where I sing a song and have people guess the name and artist.

The song I know every word to is ‘Family Portrait” by Pink. Was one of my favorites to sing when I was in high school.”

My last meal on Death Row would be a medium rare/ medium ribeye with my special Brown Sugar Espresso Rub on it, my homemade Collard Greens, Pasta Carbonara garnished with a Bubbies Pickle, a box of Zebra Cakes and a “Bloody Hoe”.

I get really, really freaked by arachnids and most reptiles. “I was on a dating app and I would automatically swipe left on a guy if they had a snake or spider [in their picture] even if it wasn’t theirs.”

I’m always carrying baby wipes in any bag I have.

“I lived in New York City for five years and seeing what goes on in a subway car on a daily basis made that a very important staple for me. I also can’t live without my ‘hair hats’ or foundation. I only girl a little and that’s with my hair and make-up.”

People are always surprised with how tall I am in person and my high pitched voice. “Especially the voice, haha. They are like ‘That squeaky voice came out of that body?!'”

The worst job I ever had was working in my mom’s custom modular plant when I was a kid because the workers thought I was “spoiled”.

“Her boyfriend  at the time wasn’t having that so I would be put to work picking up insulation and garbage around the plant with grown ass men. It blew.”

The last time I cried was when I got my American record Snatch. (Watch it below.)

The hardest movement for me to learn was the clean. “That bar would DESTROY my collarbones everyday and my feet would jump in instead of out. Finally, it just clicked and I didn’t suck as bad.”

Before I started my fitness journey, I was a barista at Starbucks for five years and was also a nanny. “What’s funny is I didn’t drink coffee until after I left Starbucks. Go figure.”

I love the smell of gasoline. “I strongly dislike tardy people and being late for anything. I’m always 20-25 minutes early to work.”

If I had a superpower it would be to be able to control peoples minds and teleport. “I’d have the people at Chick-fil-A give me more chicken in my box on every trip, haha.”

 The one thing I’d tell my younger self would be to not put up with any person’s B.S and if you feel like something is wrong, go with your gut ’cause you’re usually right.



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Images courtesy of Quiana Welch.